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Pointe du Bois

On July 31, 2007, Manitoba Hydro submitted a proposal under the Environment Act for the Pointe du Bois Modernization project.

The existing Pointe du Bois Generating Station is the oldest hydroelectric plant operating in Manitoba. It began producing power in 1911, and is one of six dams on the Winnipeg River.

According to Manitoba Hydro,
The modernization will entail a rebuild of the facilities. The rebuild will include:
  • the construction of a new powerhouse, spillway, and dam with modern operating and safety standards in a location adjacent to the existing powerhouse;
  • decommissioning of existing structures on completion of modernization;
  • an increase in capacity from 78 MW to approximately 120 MW;
  • an estimated cost of $800 million, with a 2015 planned in-service date for new facilities.

View Environmental Assessment and Licensing Branch webpage for Pointe du Bois project
Download September 2008 Environmental Assessment Scoping Document for Pointe du Bois project (PDF)
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Manitoba Hydro 2007 mural Manitoba Hydro also says "Transmission Line improvements are required regardless of the modernization project. Separate approval of these improvements, as appropriate, will be requested in the future" (page 2 Draft Scoping Document). In addition, Manitoba Hydro has filed a separate proposal for Slave Falls Tramway project, which involves decommissioning of the 11 km long tramway line that provides access to Slave Fall Generating Station via Pointe du Bois and construction of an all-weather road.

Manitoba Hydro is seeking separate regulatory approval for these projects. This creates a risk that environmental impacts of the development (all three components) will not be considered as a whole.

The public was invited to comment on the Draft Scoping Document. The public comment period closed on September 25, 2007. Manitoba Hydro has not provided information about the intentions to rebuild all 6 dams on the Winnipeg River. Total costs could exceed $8 billion.

Download Manitoba Wildlands' October 9, 2007 comments on the Draft Scoping Document for the Pointe du Bois Modernization project (PDF)

View Public Registry File #5283.00 for Pointe du Bois project on the Government of Manitoba website.

Source: Manitoba Hydro