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SmartPrivacy for the Smart Grid, New Report

hurricaneThe Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario released a November 2009 report SmartPrivacy for the Smart Grid. It focuses on building policy for the potential upgrade of the US power grid system from its current overburdened state to a "smart" system. The Smart Grid will monitor power usage at the appliance level, saving energy and consumer cost. The smart grid has the potential to be able to collect information on individual energy consumption use and patterns that could violate individual privacy.

SmartPrivacy for the Smart Grid describes Smart Grid benefits and explores questions regarding privacy issues. A Privacy Impact Assessment was done by an American task group that found the privacy implications of the smart grid are not fully understood. There is a lack of formal privacy policies, standards or procedures and that the potential exists for personal information to be collected by both utilities and third parties.

SmartPrivacy for the Smart Grid recommends that privacy policy can be built into the smart grid at the conception stage, by making these policies the default in all physical, administrative and technological aspects of the system.

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