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Cross Examination & General Questions

JNFAAT Cross Examination of Hydro and NCN Panelists

Organization and Representative Date Transcript Start Transcript End
CEC, Commisioners and Doug Abra (Legal Counsel) March 2nd-3rd p. 288, Line 16 p. 812, Line 3
CASIL, Leslie Dysart and Merrel-Ann Phare March 8th p. 828, Line 14 p.899, Line 3
CAC/MSOS, Byron Williams March 8th-9th p.900, Line 6 p.1150, Line 5
CNF/MWL, Eamon Murphy, Gaile Whelan-EnnsMarch 9th p.1150, Line 9 p.1285, Line 12
CNF/MWL, Bryan Hart March 10th p.1555, Line 7 p. 1601, Line 1
TREE/RCM, Peter Miller, Ralph TorrieMarch 9th-10thp.1287, Line 20p. 1464, Line 1
Trapline 18, Greg MacIvor March 10th p.1464, Line 13 p.1503, Line11
Trapline 18, Greg MacIvor (Continued) March 10th p.1601,Line 6p. 1630, Line 6
Trapline 18, Greg MacIvor March 15th p.1795, Line 25 p. 1822, Line 1
Margaret Swann (Questions stated for the record, answers provided as an undertaking) March 10th p.1545, Line 25 p. 1549, line 9
DRSIL, Dennis Troniak March 15th p.1703, Line 11p.1795, Line 10
CEC (final cross exam on NFAAT), Doug Abra and CommissionersMarch 15thp.1826, Line 4 p.1856, Line 5
MH/NCN rexam, Doug Bedford March 15th p.1856, Line 9 p.1883, Line 10

EIS Cross Examination of Hydro and NCN Panelists

Organization and Representative Date Transcript Start Transcript End
CEC, Doug Abra March 18th-19thp.2578, Line 18p.2904, Line 19
 April 6th p.3642, Line 15 p.3923, Line 19
 April 8thp.4340, Line 21p.4427, Line 21
 April 14thp.4917, Line 23 p.4924, Line 10
 May 11thp.5364, Line 7p.5438, Line 8
 May 26thp.6552, Line 7p.6647, Line 24
CASIL, Leslie DysartApril 13thp.4440, Line 13p.4587, Line 16
 May 26thp.6648, Line 8p.6652, Line 18
CAC/MSOS, Mona Pollitt-SmithApril 13thp.4587, Line 20p.4676, Line 12
OPCN, Chris BakerApril 14thp.4797, Line 11p.4917, Line 20
TREE/RCM, Peter MillerApril 14thp.4940, Line 16p.4949, Line 9
Billy MooreApril 15thp.5081, Line 8p.5098, line 14
CNF/MWL, Gaile Whelan-EnnsApril 15thp.5102, Line 6p.5161, Line 21
 May 12thp.5618, Line 21p.5622, Line 24
MMF, Jean TeilletMay14thp.5844, Line 10p.5881, Line 19
DRSIL, Dennis TroniakMay 25thp.6371,Line 14p.6423, Line 8

General Questions in Thompson

Organization and Representative Date Transcript Start Transcript End
Willain OsborneMarch 22ndp.3019, Line 10p.3021, Line 5
Nelson HartMarch 22ndp.3021, Line 6p.3037,Line 4
Keith FortinMarch 22ndp.3037, Line 5p.3046, Line 5
Raymond FrancoisMarch 22ndp.3074,Line 4p.3076, Line 16
Carol KobliskyMarch 22ndp.3076, Line 19p.3109, Line 7
Carl FrancoisMarch 22ndp.3110, Line 4p.3111, Line 16
Frank Moore (wanted to ask questions but MH/NCN panel not available)March 23rdp.3180, Line 11 

General Questions in The Pas

Organization and Representative Date Transcript Start Transcript End
CEC CommissionersMarch 25thp.3505, Line 1p.3514, Line 3
 March 25thp.3517, Line 4p.3517, Line 13
 March 25thp.3528, Line 16p.3529, Line 22
 March 25thp.3537, Line 21p.3538, line 15
Nelson MillerMarch 25thp.3514, Line 6p.3517, Line 3
Norval DesjarlaisMarch 25thp.3517, Line15p.3524, Line 3
William OsborneMarch 25thp.3524, Line 4p.3527, Line 6
William Osborne (continued)March 25thp.3530, Line 3p.3531,Line 11
Bill YetmanMarch 25thp.3527, Line 7p.3528, line 12
Conrad MooreMarch 25thp.3531, Line13p.3533, Line 7
Mervin GarrickMarch 25thp.3533, Line 8p.3537, Line 20

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