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EnergyManitoba.org will become a site about energy in Manitoba: hydro, solar, wind, biogas, new fuels, etc. Public policy, the regulatory framework for energy, environmental assessment, news from Manitoba, Canada, and international sources will all be featured. Wuskwatim materials will be maintained, and archived. Our News Page will be the first to expand.

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AFP - Augmented Flow Program

AJIC - Aboriginal Justice Implementation Commission

BFN - Boreal Forest Network

CAC/MSOS - Consumers Association of Manitoba / Manitoba Society of Seniors

CANWEA - Canadian Wind Energy Association

CASIL - Community Association of South Indian Lake

CCCT - Combined Cycle Combustion Turbine

CCE - Cost of Conserved Energy

CEA - Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

CEAA - Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

CEC - Clean Environment Commission

CFA - Comprehensive Forebay Agreement (relating to MCN)

CNF - Canadian Nature Federation

COSEWIC - Committee On The Status Of Endangered Wildlife In Canada

CRD - Churchill River Diversion

DG - Distributed Generation

DRSIL - Displaced Residents of South Indian Lake

DSM - Demand Side Management (of energy)

EA - Environmental Assessment

EIA - Energy Information Administration (U.S. Department)

EIS - Environmental Impact Statement

EMP - Environmental Management Plan

EMS - Environmental Management System

EMT - Environmental Management Team

FMU - Forest Management Unit

FRI - Forest Resource Inventory

HEP - Habitat Evaluation Procedures

HSI - Habitat Suitability Index

IRN - International Rivers Network

IRR - International Rate of Return

JNFAAT - Justification Needs For And Alternatives To

LED - Levelized Energy Costs

LWR - Lake Winnipeg Regulation

MAPP - Mid-Continent Area Power Pool

MCN - Mosakahiken Cree Nation (Moose Lake)

MEARA - Manitoba Environmental Assessment Review Agency

MH - Manitoba Hydro

MISO - Midwest Independent System Operators

MKO - Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakinak

MMF - Manitoba Metis Federation

MPS - Markey Potential Study

MWS - Manitoba Water Stewardship

NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement

NCN - Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation

NEB - National Energy Board

NFA - Northern Flood Agreement

NRTA - Natural Resources Transfer Act

NUG - Non-Utility Generation

OASIS - Open Access Same-Time Information System

OCN - Opaskwayak Cree Nation

OECD - Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development

OPCN - O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nation

OTH - Other

PAT - Project Administration Team (Federal / Provincial)

PCN - Pimicikamak Cree Nation

PDA - Project Development Agreement (the contemplated final business arrangement between NCN and MH)

PIP - Public Involvement Plan (part of the co-proponents' public consultation program)

PPT - Pre-Project Training

PUB - Public Utilities Board

RCM - Resource Conservation Manitoba

RMA - Resource Management Area

RMB - Resource Management Board

ROW - Right of way

RTL - Registered Trapline

SARA - Species At Risk Act

SCC - Sierra Club Canada

SCCT - Single Cycle Combustion Turbine

SSE - Supply Side Enhancement

TAC - Technical Advisory Committee

TCN - Tataskweyak Cree Nation (Split Lake)

TLE - Treaty Land Entitlement

TRC - Total Resource Cost

TREE/RCM - Time to Respect Earth's Ecosystems / Resource Conservation Manitoba

TSS - Total Suspended Solids

VEC - Valued Ecosystem/Environmental Component

WCD - World Commission on Dams

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